Cape Cod Shark Bait

There's sharks in them thar waters.....



Cape Cod Shark Bait was an idea that was conceived over two years ago when, while walking along the beach, Robert Kuhn noticed a woman who was allowing her child in waters that contained Great White Sharks.  The child, in a floatie and fastened to it's mothers wrist by a strap, just looked to me like it could be shark bait.  This was not a place that I would do the same with a child of mine.


IIn January of 2014, Robert Kuhn and Rahn Meehan, introduced through Kellie Kirby, hatched out a plan to have some fun and print out some shirts.  Rahn Meehan, the owner of Commodore Tee's in Harwich Port, decided to expand upon the ideas by adding some graphics...and Cape Cod Shark Bait was born.